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Berkey Elite
Berkey Elite

Berkey Elite

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Berkey Elite, this IS your Grandma's Berkey system.

Sufficient size for use by 1 - 2 people, this is the Travel Berkey system designed for those who either can't or don't want to lug bottled water. The system comes with the Berkey Water View sight glass so that at a glance you can see how much filtered water is in the lower chamber, no picking up the top chamber to see how much is left. The system also comes with a stainless steel base stand to raise the Berkey 5-6 inches making it easy to fill a 
cup or glass. And no filter priming required. The 2 filters are good for over 1000 gallons of water. The lower chamber stores about 1.5 gallons of filtered water.

The overall height of the sytsem with the stand is about 24 inches

The 2 Super Sterasyl Ceramic filters are silver impregnated and reduce or remove:
  • Cholrine
  • Bad taste
  • odor
  • Bacteria including cholera
  • cysts
  • select other contaminates that may or may not be in your water
The Berkey Elite comes complete with the following:
  • Travel Berkey lower chamber, upper chamber, lid with knob,
  • Berkey Water view sight glass spigot
  • standard black spigot as a backup
  • 2 Super Sterasyl 7" Ceramic filters
  • Stainless steel base stand